Schach kostenlos online spielen

Chess computer vs human

Chess computer vs human - play online in chess with a funny rival-robot. He makes moves so quickly that you do not keep track of him, and he also teases: "when do you go about it?" Do not take offense at him, because Robo Chess thinks you are an equal opponent capable of winning. The game is played according to the usual chess rules with a small exception: there are no castling. The opponent is very strong, try to take into account the position of all the figures and their possible moves. A little help will be the designation of your possible moves when you click on a figure. You cannot move around, but the rule "take - go!" is irrelevant, you can choose another figure for the move. If you did not win the first time, click "New game" and replay. Do not be ashamed to lose Robo Chess, because even world champions cannot always win the serious computer programs. Play online for free again and again until you win or download and install "Robo Chess" on your computer.

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