Schach kostenlos online spielen

Chess Online

The pearl of our collection of chess online games. Bright design of the board and chess pieces, interesting sound effects will give pleasure to the players. Funny feature is the game starts ... with black pieces! The dream of those who do not like to play with white pieces has come true. To make a move, click on the figure with the left mouse button and you will be shown the possible moves. However, it is still necessary for you to choose the most profitable of them; chess does not like lazy minds. The level of the game is quite high; you will have to try hard to win. Records are recorded. It is evident whose turn it is now. If the sounds distract you, you can turn them off with the button in the lower right corner. Do not want to play out a clearly losing position, click "Restart" and start again. The game in online mode is free. But you can download and install it on your computer or phone always to have it on hand (do not weigh too much and do not require complicated software).

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