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8 Queens

Everyone knows that the queen is the strongest figure in chess. Two queens on the board are too crowded. And you try to place 8 queens on 64 cells at once! I wonder how this will work out for you? At your disposal is a three-dimensional board and a "magic wand" - the mouse cursor. Click the left button anywhere in the field and there will appear the golden queen. Click in another one more and more up to eight pieces. But what is this? Two figures stood on one line (not important, vertical, horizontal or diagonal) and the first is "killed." Your task is to place eight queens on the board so that they do not threaten each other. From the first try it will not work, try again and again; the game is free online. No time, you need to go on the road? Download and install "8 queens" on your phone or laptop, train your logical thinking in a free minute.

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