Schach kostenlos online spielen

Play Chess against Computer

Chess against computer - these online chess give a full sense of "live" game with a real and unpredictable opponent. And this opponent you choose yourself from four possible levels of complexity. Play with a novice teenager, or a pretty blonde, or with a thoughtful, experienced Boris. Or maybe you'll risk challenging the Guru? Start the game simply: download in the browser window (to enhance the presence effect select full-screen mode), select an opponent and you can play. Volumetric figures sliding on a wooden board are made in a classical style. You play with white figures. Click on any figure and the game will tell you the possible moves, highlighting the cells of the field by green. Like in real chess tournaments, there are recordings of moves, counting of beaten figures and time recording. The game can be saved and downloaded if you are registered on the site. If you do not have the opportunity to play online, download and install Spark Chess on your home computer. We guarantee that the game will appeal to all chess fans and help to develop their abilities.

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