Schach kostenlos online spielen

1 player chess game

1 player chess game - online game for true chess fans. Nothing superfluous, only a board, figures and you. The playing field is similar to the scoreboard used in chess tournaments to inform viewers. Your pieces are gold and they are located at the bottom of the board. The opponent is playing with black figures. The moves are recorded, no timer. When you click on a figure, its possible moves are highlighted in yellow. But this does not mean that they all will be profitable for you. In any case you decide where to go. To start, begin the game in the browser in full-screen mode, so that nothing distracts you. There are two levels of difficulty: easy and difficult. You can start the game again, but there is no opportunity to turn around and do not forget, its chess after all! You can play Chess Maniac online or download and install it on your computer so you can always stretch your brains. Despite its simplicity, the game is fascinating and useful. Join now!

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